2D & 3D Animations

2D & 3D Animation can help add visual engagement to any video.

At Lipstick, animation is something that can be incorporated into many kinds of videos to some extent. It can add a level of visual interest or help tell an engaging and creative narrative, it can communicate your message very effectively, and is a great way to appeal to certain demographics.

Animated elements can commonly be used for introductions such as name plates, logos or animated titles. These can lend some visual interest and help add another level of professionalism to your production. More in-depth animation can also be included to help visualise concepts, services or characters. This can be a great boon for companies with mascots or instances where a complex process or unique product element needs to be highlighted.

Benefits of including animation:

  • Attention grabbing
  • Greater retention of the message
  • More likely to be shared
  • Increase sales and boost presence
  • Increased engagement

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