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Infographics are a type of motion visual animation. They are commonly used for the purpose of explaining, education or informing your audience about your product or service.

The combination of animation with a unique idea is the key to  successful infographic animation, this includes considerations of narrative, style and length. Infographics are some of the best videos in terms of how often it is shared online as they often illustrate interesting or usually unseen processes.

Because of their nature they can be a great aid for companies that have a interesting or unique process they want to show of to differentiate themselves from their competition or for demonstrating a strong concept rather than a specific product.

Benefits of infographics:

  • highly sharable
  • easier to recall information
  • more engagement with your audience
  • great for explaining complex products or ideas
  • more memorable and appealing
  • allows lots of brand-ability


Due to the artistic nature of infographics they are can therefore can be much more time consuming then live video productions.

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