Need a Video for Social Media?

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Do you need a video for social media? Social media videos can be almost anything you want them to be, but sometimes you just need a small video that isn’t going on a big cinema screen. The smallest screen we all carry with us; a digital video designed to be shared and seen through social media networks like Facebook or Twitter or Instagram.

However these platforms have different audiences and different restrictions, a video that works on Facebook might be too long and too wordy to work on Instagram, and it may need to be completely different for Snapchat.

Consider the content carefully considered. The goal is for the video to be shared. The main reason people share a video is because they are valuable or entertaining in some way to us personally, or to foster relationships with others.


At 2gether Studios we can help you craft the perfect social video. Or if you have a great idea we can help you realise your dream regardless of size or budget.
We have experience with a large number of different video types, and can bring that experience to work for you.

A great social media video is fun and tells your story in some way. Perhaps you can show an interesting part of your production process or a showcase of a new product.

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